We evaluate and develop public, private and community strategies in South America for a just transition towards a carbon neutral society and economy (CO2eq) that promotes development.


>  We identify and interpret, through an interdisciplinary analysis, the most relevant sectors to promote a just transition to a low or carbon neutral (CO2eq) society and economy, understanding their demands, and identifying the measures that will be most effective to achieve this goal.

>  We promote ethical principles for a low or carbon neutral (CO2eq) society and economy in accordance with the scientific standards established by the IPCC and the guidelines of the Paris Agreement.

> We promote and disseminate the activities carried out by this Foundation, in order to generate general awareness of the problems of a society and economy high in carbon (CO2eq) and its consequences, as well as the advantages of a low or carbon neutral (CO2eq) society and economy.

> We develop programs and interdisciplinary scientific research projects aimed at understanding and evaluating the real needs of the different social and economic sectors during the transition towards a low or carbon neutral (CO2eq) society and economy.

>  We corporate with public and private organizations, and educational institutions, both national and foreign, in order to promote, instruct, coordinate and participate in the design of formal and informal education and/or job training policies or programs. These programs aim to promote knowledge and professional training to carry out the transition to a low or neutral carbon economy (CO2eq) in which all sectors of society participate and contribute.

>  We organice courses, congresses, conferences, workshops, talks and/or seminars that address topics of general interest such as those related to health, employment, economy, industry, technology, environment, tourism, culture, education, media, justice, social security, human rights, regional development and institutional policy aimed to the transition to a low or carbon neutral economy (CO2eq).

>  We develop, and implement programs and/or projects for the design and/or execution of public and private policies aimed at promoting and developing a low or neutral carbon economy (CO2eq).

>  We develop interdisciplinary networks with professionals from various areas, in order to optimize the achievement of the objectives proposed by this Foundation.

>  We promote cultural, social and recreational activities linked to climate ethics.