Provincial Law 10,719 - Gender Equity in Legal Entities

We promote the principle of gender equity in the composition of the foundation's administration and control bodies.

National Law 25.326 - Protection of Personal Data

Our organization is registered in the National Registry of Personal Data Bases, recognizing and guaranteeing your rights as the owner of your personal data.

Resolution 110/2016 - Regulation for the Administration of Internet Domains in Argentina

We have the web domain "" from the National Directorate of the Registry of Internet Domains for being duly registered as a foundation in the Inspection of Legal Entities.

Decree CMC N° 10/2015 and 04/2022 - Registry of organizations and social movements of MERCOSUR

The participation of organizations and social movements in MERCOSUR is important for the deepening and success of the integration process, as well as for knowledge by MERCOSUR citizens of their guaranteed rights within the POLITICAL MERCOSUR.